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Cosplay Costume Designer Costume Maker Historical Reenactment Tv Series


“Bridgerton” is my guilty pleasure. After I’ve watched the two seasons on Netflix, something started to move in my mind. To be honest, I never appreciated this specific costume period, the Regency. However, after several researches and an accurate study of the lines and patterns, I’ve been fascinated. During the entire process, I was listening …

Cosplay Costume Designer Costume Maker Historical Reenactment


In my “To-do list” is still missing to have attended a “festa” during the Carnevale di Venezia. Every year I promise my self that I’m going to make a proper costume and pack in my luggage. Of course it didn’t happened, yet. In the meantime, I’m making different style of Italian Renaissance ensemble, for when …

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Ulied il-Lejl S02

“Ulied il-Lejl” (Children of the Night) is a Maltese drama tv series based on the novels “Suwed Ulied il-Lejl” written by Charles Micallef St John. The story is set in Malta in  XIX century and it is about a family from Qormi which pulled itself up from poverty and squalor. The first season was focus …

Costume Designer Performance

Capitol Cinema

This November, transport yourself into Valletta of the past with Capitol Cinema. This edition takes you back to 1929 to an event organised by the Director of the Malta Public Library (as it was known at the time). Director Hannibal Publius Scicluna, informed of an imminent visit by Mrs Thomson, wife of Capt. Thomson of …

Costume Designer Costume Maker Historical Reenactment

Jacquette – The Lady of the River

Everytime I’m designing a new project I think about the kind of costume I want to make, the era and the character. I found very interesting the historical character of Jacquette de Luxembourg, mother of Elizabeth of York, grandmother of Elizabeth Woodville, great-grandmother of Henry VIII, great-great-grandmother of Elizabeth I. According to Philippa Gregory’s saga, …

Costume Designer Movie

Blood on the Crown

In the final days of the First World War, during Malta’s revolution for independence, two British officers are tasked with quelling the riots and covering up the bloody encounter, while innocent protesters are jailed and killed.