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Just Noise – Storbju

In the final days of the First World War, during Malta’s revolution for independence, two British officers are tasked with quelling the riots and covering up the bloody encounter, while innocent protesters are jailed and killed.

Costume Designer Operetta Theatre

Il-Madonna Tiegħi Aħjar Minn Tiegħek

Some villages have their saints, others have their Virgin Marys. But what if there could only be one Virgin Mary and one triumphant village left standing? Let the battle of festi commence! With the skilful pen and cheeky wit of beloved author Trevor Zahra and the enchanting musical composition of feast enthusiast and composer Alexander …

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“CANDY” is a voyage of self reflection that revolves around a 25 year old beautiful young soul, that overcame excessive artificial consumption. Created by the eccentric maltese duo FUZZHONEYS, the music video leads the audience in a nightmare-esque dimension of chiaroscuro effect. All the pics are (c) Ian Aquilina Director & Producer – Francesca Mercieca Director of …

Costume Designer Costume Maker Dance Performance

A Cock and a Feather

“A Cock and a Feather”  is an exploration of themes of gossip, feminism and how stories travel and change through time and space. It’s also piece about women and the issues they face in terms of empowerment, feminism and commodification. This project recognizes the constant struggle of the female body within patriarchal society . Also …

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A Mocking Mile Tale

When her husband is dispatched on duty, pregnant mother Ivy Gable moves to the sleepy village of Mocking Mile for a period of respite. All too soon, however, the eccentric neighbours begin prying into the life of their newest resident. Dealing with the motley crew proves a challenge for reclusive Ivy, but events take a …