Stozen – Museum of Invented Cultures

Oħloq Kultura – Capital of Invented Cultures”  – Valletta 2018
This project helps school children to understand how cultures develop across the world, nurturing cultural awareness while inspiring creative thinking and storytelling among young generations. This highly interactive programme is a unique opportunity for young people to get a glimpse into the role of cultural bodies like the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

Stozen is combination of Star Wars universe and the world of Frozen. The People who live on this ice planet are a mish-mash of warlike space travellers and gentle humans with the ability to create and control the snow. The warlike poulation helps to defend the planet from the extra-terrestrial enemies whereas the paceful population use their powers to prevent the planet’s gargantuan defensive lasers from overheating and exploding it.

Royal Ceremonial Dress: This dress is traditionally worn by the Crowned Princess of Stozen for royal ceremonies. The design combines the element from the two civiisations living together, namely Frozen and Star Wars.As one can observe, this dress shows the unity between the two cultures, with elements such as the front pleating to the turquoise colour representing Elsa as one of their warrior founders and Luke Skywalker as their Commander.