Costume Designer Costume Maker Short Movie

A Mocking Mile Tale

When her husband is dispatched on duty, pregnant mother Ivy Gable moves to the sleepy village of Mocking Mile for a period of respite. All too soon, however, the eccentric neighbours begin prying into the life of their newest resident. Dealing with the motley crew proves a challenge for reclusive Ivy, but events take a more sinister turn when a curious couple from her past, disturbingly enamoured with procuring her unborn child, prepare to intrude on Ivy’s quaint new life…

Scripwriter and Director – Jon Aiden King
Producer – Claudia Caccamo
Director of Photography – Ben Borg Cardona
Costume Designer – Giulia Orsi
Make up Artist  – Kimberley Bajada
Hairstylist – Ruth Xuereb