Costume Designer Costume Maker Music Video


“CANDY” is a voyage of self reflection that revolves around a 25 year old beautiful young soul, that overcame excessive artificial consumption. Created by the eccentric maltese duo FUZZHONEYS, the music video leads the audience in a nightmare-esque dimension of chiaroscuro effect.
All the pics are (c) Ian Aquilina

Director & Producer – Francesca Mercieca
Director of Photography – Jack Hayter
Production Manager – Joanne Borg
Costume Designer – Giulia Orsi
Costume & Art Assistant – Martina Spiteri
Standby Photographer – Ian Aquilina

Martina Ranieri as “Candy”
Althea Corlett as “Scarlett”
Julia Camilleri as “Ruby”
Caroline Spiteri + Francesca Mercieca as Candy’s Fuzzhoneys