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Caravaggio – The Rise and Fall of a Tormented Genius

In the 1590’s chiaroscuro artist Michelangelo Merisi from the town of Caravaggio makes his way to Rome with dreams of establishing himself as one of the leading artists of the time. His raw talent is undeniable and success swiftly comes his way. However, his passion and volatile temper earn him as many enemies as he has admirers. At the height of his fame, an impulsive outburst with lethal consequences causes him to flee the city as an outlaw.

The Knights of Malta offer redemption through patronage and refuge from his foes on an island fortress – but his real enemies are the ones he cannot escape from. His tortured soul that enables him to produce celebrated masterpieces provides him with no peace as it pulls him towards his inevitable destiny.


CREW:                                                                                                                                                                      CAST:
Composed by Paul Abela;                                                                              Cameron Walker-Pow as Caravaggio
Book and Lyrics by Joe Julian Farrugia;                                                                    Kateriana Fenech as Chiaro
Directed by Malcom Galea;                                                                                                   Neville Refalo as Scuro
Coreography by Felix Busuttil;                                         Lawrence Gray as Cardinal del Monte / Wignacourt
Set by Romualdo Moretti;                                                                    Roger Tirazona as Baglione / Rodomonte
Costumes by Giulia Orsi;                                                                                    Louis Andrew Cassar as Ranuccio
Wardrobe Mistresses Dorothy Castillo, Sarah Grech;                                   Talitha Dimech as Lena / Tiberia
Stage Manager Annalisa Schembri;                                                             Bettina Zammit as Fillide / Karulina
Props by Petra Galea Debono;                                                                                               Ryan Grech as Minniti