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Flora – Italian Renaissance Ensemble

Some projects are already in my mind, ready to be realized.
Some others simply pop up in moment of madness.
Florentia is one of those.
Maybe was the self-isolation during the lockdown for the Covid (we are gonna talk about these events for a long time, I guess), the fact is that one day, I went to a fabric shop, I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I opted for these pastel colors fabric instead and I started this costume.

Since I couldn’t find a proper fabrics and detailed pattern of a 1490 Italian Renaissance ensamble, I went through all the period painting and resourches I found, in order to make a costume as close as possible to the original and historical ones.

The chemise in white cotton is made according to the italian pattern style.
I followed some guidelines of the tudorian kirtle for making the gamurra. I used a pink taffetta embellished with golden trimming plus gold rose beads and cream pearls, hand-sewn.
The giornea is in lilac damasc that I enriched with 6000 ca. cream pearls hand-sewn, as this fabric wasn’t enough opulent for my taste.
It also emellished with golden trimming and rose gold edging.