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In my “To-do list” is still missing to have attended a “festa” during the Carnevale di Venezia.
Every year I promise my self that I’m going to make a proper costume and pack in my luggage.
Of course it didn’t happened, yet.
In the meantime, I’m making different style of Italian Renaissance ensemble, for when the time will come.

Once again, this costume was inspired by an accessory, a brooch that I’ve bought in Florence at Tharros Bijoux. I loved the colour of the stones, and, once again, I’ve asked to Craft Road to find the perfect match. And once again she has worked the miracle, with this blue brocade.

I’ve made this costume last year, but I wasn’t very happy with the final result.
So, I’ve decided to study once again the venetian Renaissance and try to fix all the flaws.

I’ve worked on the sleeves. I tightened them a bit and changed the upper part, slashing the top, so the chemise will show. I also changed the skirt, adding to more panels, so it has more volume and now doesn’t look too flat. At last, but not at least, I added a central panel and the partlet, made in pure silk organza.

The brooch, the earrings and the rings are by Tharros Bijoux.
The pearl necklace and girdle are by me.