Biennale of Venice Costume Maker Theatre


Making of the costumes for the show “O-X-A“,  performed for the first time at 58° Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea – LIMES presso la Biennale di Venezia, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale (Venezia 04/10/2014).

Angelica: a doll-woman. Her dress is inspired by the baroque style, the jacket looks like a caraco, the skirt had a large panier, all the costume is trimmed in red.

Orlando: a poor and humble worker in his overhall, helmet and gloves.

Puppeteer: a chair-man who is living for his throne. The waistcoat looks like a tapestry

Written by Accursio Cortese
Director: Antonio Di Marca
Set and Costume Design, Projection: Isabella Terruso
Dressmaking: Giulia Orsi
Singers: Anna Piroli (Angelica), Alessandro Tirotta (Orlando/Arlecchino/Uomo), Paolo Cutuli (Puparo)
Artistic Direction: Ivan Fedele