Professor Patrick Pacificus Potter may be a mouthful to pronounce, but the dear man is just that – peaceful and patient, as his name suggests.  Well, one would have to be if one was an inventor with repeated failures and an empty bank account. But Prof. Potter never gives up – he is optimism personified, and when Dame Vera Tasty happens to drop in, bringing home the Professor’s two children who have, again, played truant from school, we know right away that his luck is about to change!  Vera, the only child of a wealthy business man, brings him a car – an old junk – and askes him to restore it for her; the Professor quickly dons his thinking cap and pulls out all the stops – literally. After locking himself away in his garage for weeks, he emerges with a sparkline car that’s not only been souped up… but which can even fly.  He obviously was aware of the current traffic problems.  Vera is ecstatic…. by the Professor’s good looks.  Oh… and by the car, of course!  The two pack the children, and a picnic lunch, into The Safra – that, apparently, is how the car was known in its Monte Carlo Races heyday – and off they fly on an adventure.  Along the way, it becomes evident that there is more than just the car that’s in the air… Love is in the air too for the truly scrumptious Vera and Prof. P.P. Potter!

Costumes made for the character “Dame Vera Tastee” from “UN-BELIEVE IT!” the Christmas Panto of MADC, Malta, in 2016.

Written by: Alan Montanaro;
Directed by: Nanette Brimmer;
Costume Design and Making, Wig Design: Giulia Orsi
Wig Making: Michael and Guy Hair Salon